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    How to Crack CD protection


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    How to Crack CD protection

    Post  iyenboy on Fri Apr 09, 2010 10:06 pm

    Needed Programs

    1) Hiew
    2) W32dsm8.9
    3) Game To Crack

    CD-Cracking, means how to crack a game which want have the original CD in drive to start, there are many different ways of doing this here are the most recommended ways

    1) First of all, install the biggest configuration available and start the game without the CD, then you'll get the shit error-msg like,
    couldn't find CD in Drive!! **** it, well ok write it down, go to W32dsm and edit a copy of the .exe file and disassemble it, now click on string references or something like this and search the error-msg and double click on it, Now you're at the place you have to be,
    but at first, let's give you some knowledge of ASM-codes:

    jne jump if not equal
    je jump if equal
    jmp jump directly to
    nop no operation
    ja jump if above
    jna jump if not above
    jae jump if above or equal
    jnae jump if not above or equal
    jb jump if below
    jnb jump if not below
    jbe jump if below or equal
    jnbe jump if not below or equal
    jg jump if greater
    jng jump if not greater
    jge jump if greater or equal
    jnge jump if not greater or equal
    jl jump if less
    jnl jump if not less
    jle jump if less or equal
    jnle jump if not less or equal

    Well now search for a call, right over the message, it ain't the one directly over the msg everytime but most time it is, if not try the next, till it works, we're now going to nop (no operate) it, place the bar on it and note the offset-number without the "h", now start your Hiew and open the original exe, press F4 and then on decode and you'll get the ASM-Code, press F5 and enter the number, press F3 to edit the file, remember that every 2 numbers are one byte --> f80h74 These would be 3 bytes,
    0000000000 <--- this number would be 5bytes, just change the number into
    9090909090 <--- nop the call, dont panic if the line jumps down after you pressed 90 just continous entering four more 90's, now press F9 and F10 to save and exit Hiew, run the prog and enjoy the game

    2) Sometimes the game knows that you have nop it, so we'll have to make the game believe it had a CD in drive everytime, just do the same as before, but now you don't nop it, you will type the following: B8010000000 <-- For a 5byte long call, what have you now done ?, the prog checks eax, if it is 0 it will jump to the error-msg if it is 1 it will jump to the next position

    3) Just look out for a jne or a jn command over the msg, when you got it, open Hiew insert the offset-number and change it, change

    75 (jne) to 74 (je), a
    85 (jne) to 84(je), a
    74 (je) to 75(jne) or a
    84 (je) to 85(jne)

    4) Go to W32dsm and search for a line like "getdrivetypea", look around, do u see a call, and a cmp (compare) with a 0005
    00005 stands for CD-Drive
    00003 stands for Hard-Drive
    we will change the 00005 to 00003, just edit the line cmp00005 and change it to cmp00003

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