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    How to Download, Decompress and Burn Playstation 2 Games


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    How to Download, Decompress and Burn Playstation 2 Games

    Post  iyenboy on Fri Apr 09, 2010 10:17 pm

    "How to Download, Decompress and Burn
    a Playstation 2 Game"

    Before you begin:

    First of all, some explanation on file types, since this gets most people confused.

    .RAR Files: Basically enough, it's a compressed file. Just like old school ZIP files tho their compression algorithms are far different, making the final archives a lot smaller than before. The best feature, and the reason why most people use them, is because it supports multiple split volumes which is great, since most people upload their games into many small files making it easier for people (like me ^.^) which have a slower connection to download each file whenever they can without the hassle of downloading one HUGE (Most PS2 games are over 3GB).

    .ISO File: It's a disk image (Complete copy) of the DVD you're looking for. It also contains all the filesystem data, (boot , structures, and attributes). All of this information is contained within a single file, with the extension ".ISO". Also it's good to point out that you may end up with a .Bin and a .Cue file, they are and work just about the same as a .ISO file, tho in a different file structure system.

    .NFO file: Information file, tho normally used in Windows for Registry archives when downloading games, if you see these files they normally contain information about the game. You can open this with special NFO viewers or just do like i do, right-click then OPEN WITH > Notepad.exe and you can see it.

    What is a File Hosting Server?:

    First of all know that there are 100 different file hosts around the internet, I'd like to think the biggest ones, or the ones that most people use are RapidShare and Megaupload (M.U. Preferred by myself). For those of you who don't know what a file host is, read this:

    Personal file storage services, or File Hosting, are network storage for personal backup, file access, or file distribution. Users can upload their files and share them publicly or keep them password-protected. Normally you would have to pay to download from these sites, tho as long as the uploader keeps the files at a small determined size and the downloader does not download more than a certain amount of data a day you can work with this for free.

    Just so you guys know, whenever one of these services tell you your IP has downloaded too much, you can go ahead and turn your modems off and wait 30 secs before turning it back on and you can start downloading again with a brand new IP (as long as your internet doesn't have Static IP).

    How to DOWNLOAD the files:

    Most of the time you'll see this:

    (Picture coming soon)

    You'll see a lot of links (Depending on the final file size it can be as many as 50+) you have to download the all, if you don't have a paid service (also known as premium accounts) you'll have to download the one by one till you got them all.

    These files will be in a format like this:

    And so on, and so on...Etc...

    After you get all these files you'll have to join/decompress them, for this you'll use a program called WinRAR which thankfully will do the joining and decompressing all by itsemf.

    To do this you'll double-click the Game_Name.rar file and wait for the program to fully open (some bigger files can take a min or two), then click the extract button and extract the files to the location you want.


    With ImgBurn / DVD Decrypter:

    1- Just go to Mode > Write
    2- Then click the Folder icon and find/choose your ISO file
    3- Set the write speed to 4x (some people don't have any problems burning at 2x or even at higher speeds like 8x, but in my personal experience 4x is the best choice.)
    4- Click the burn button and let it go !

    With CloneCD:

    Get CloneCD 5.0 or higher (NOT CloneDVD) and Open it up, click the second button which is to open up the ISO Files, click your ISO and it should load. After that Burn the ISO to a DVD-R (NOT DVD+R Since most [not all] modchips support them) and you're Done.

    Grats you have a fully functional Game !

    Hope this is of help to some people since this has been asked about 4 times a day these last few days but what the hell, we're here for that ain't we ?

    If this Tutorial is of any help to you please give me a +Karma, or thanks!

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