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    How To Active The Missing ".dll" Files........?


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    How To Active The Missing ".dll" Files........?

    Post  muzammilkv on Wed Apr 07, 2010 10:12 pm

    DLL's (dynamic link library),
    basically a combination of executables files that can be used by
    Windows programs to run properly.
    Some time you received a sudden pop-up message "System could not fine this DLL file" for
    example binkw32, maxkernl.
    Normally you received these types of messages when you installed any new application,
    computer driver program and some time due to computer mishandling.
    Actually some DLL files are deactivated due to new software's installation but don't worry
    you can reactivate these file with the help of a simple command called Regsvr32.

    To activate the missing dll file go the Start then Run and type here
    "regsrv32 with missing dll file name" for example you missed "urlmon.dll"
    file then you will type in Run "regsvr32 urlmon.dll"
    and press Ok button.
    Your system will activate this missing file and hopefully you will not get
    this missing message again.

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