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    How to create a simple stopwatch


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    How to create a simple stopwatch

    Post  iyenboy on Fri Apr 09, 2010 10:04 pm

    I will show you how to create a simple stopwatch for visual basic 6 beginners. This stopwatch consists of 3 labels called Label1, Label2, Label3 and 2 buttons called btnSart and btnExit.

    1. Create 3 labels named Label1, Label2 and Label3.
    2. Change the text of these labels to the number 0.
    3. Create a Start/Stop button called btnStart.
    4. Create an Exit button called btnExit.
    5. Finally, create a timer called tmrTime. Make sure you change the timer interval to 1000 to represent 1 second. This can be placed anywhere in the form as it does not interfere with the design/object.

    Then we start our coding. As long as you have labelled everything correctly, you can simple just type all this in without going back and referring to each component.

    We will first code the button Start/Stop. This code means if the timer doesnt start automatically, this starts it


    Private Sub btnStart_Click()
    If tmrTime.Enabled = False Then
    tmrTime.Enabled = True
    tmrTime.Enabled = False
    End If
    End Sub

    Next we will code the timer tmrTime. This basically means the timer will gradually add on 1 second and when it reaches 60 secs, the minute label will start. This is the same for the hour label.


    Private Sub tmrTime_timer()
    Label3.Caption = Val(Label3.Caption) + Val(1)
    If Label3.Caption = 60 Then
    Label2.Caption = Val(Label2.Caption) + Val(1)
    Label3.Caption = 0
    ElseIf Label2.Caption = 60 Then
    Label1.Caption = Val(Label1.Caption) + Val(1)
    Label2.Caption = 0
    End If
    End Sub

    Now we will address the issue of the form. This means when the form loads, the timer will not start yet until you click the start/stop button.

    Private Sub Form_Load()
    tmrTime.Enabled = False
    End Sub

    Finally we code the Exit button. This just exits the program.


    Private Sub btnExit_Click()
    Unload Me
    End Sub

    Now the form should look similar to the attached image. You can also change the name of the form and give the hours, minutes and second a name label.

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